Why sell?

There are of course many reasons to sell. Did you inherit a property that you don’t need or want? Does your home or rental property need repairs that you don’t have the time or money to deal with? Do you need to sell quickly because of a job transfer? Whatever the situation or type of property, we can make the process of selling easy and pain free!

What is the process of selling a home?

Our process is simple. First, give us a call at (314) 724-6627 or email us at info@garcia-development.com, and tell us about your house. Second, we will do a quick walkthrough of your property, usually 20 minutes or less, to determine its value. Third, if your house is a good fit, we will make a written offer on the spot or within 24 hours! Finally, we close very quickly and will even pay your closing costs.

How do you decide on an offer?

Though we will make you an offer very quickly, a lot of factors are involved in reaching this offer. We quickly evaluate hundreds of variables related to the location and condition of the property.

What makes you different?

We opened our family business in St. Louis in 1999. We have invested, and continue to invest, millions of dollars into our community. We treat the people we buy houses from the same way we treat everyone that we come into contact with, with respect. It is not only about the money to us. We are buying homes from our neighbors, fixing them right, and selling them to new neighbors.

Please keep this in mind.

We all receive cards and letters from people wanting to buy houses. They have to make low-ball offers because they don’t do any work! They are just going to turn around and sell your home to someone else who often resells it again. We have seen some homes sell as many as six times before the person actually doing the work buys it. We pay you a fair price because fixing houses is our passion and our business. Why pay for all of those middlemen?